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Sporting obsession

While writing a speech for a husband's birthday party I asked his wife a bit about the background to their marriage and she told me they had been introduced by a mutual friend who had told her she was sure she would like him but added "Don't worry if you don't - you needn't see much of him." This was a reference to his sporting obsession - he had a box at Spurs for the football, a box at Saracens for the rugby, a box at Lords for the cricket, a box at Epsom for the Derby, debentures for Wimbledon Centre and Number 1 courts and never missed the Open golf or Henley Regatta. I asked her if she minded this sporting addiction, to which she replied "I assure you there are many worse ways for a woman to spend the afternoon than watching Harry Kane, Maro Itoje or Roger Federer."

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