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Marriage is like a frame of snooker

I wrote a speech recently for a father-of-the-bride whose daughter and son-in-law were big snooker fans and he wanted to compare marriage to a frame of snooker. This is what I came up with:

Having had a good look at all the balls after the break-off the groom pots a brilliant long red to get the frame underway. But the game can be unpredictable and during the rest of the frame both players will do their best but skill and effort alone won't be enough - there will be good luck and bad luck along the way. Sometimes one of them will miss an easy red, there may be an unlucky in-off, you can snooker yourself, get an unlucky kick or maybe pot the cue-ball. On the other side of the coin you might get a lucky kiss or a ball will wobble before it drops. A maximum 147 won't happen very often but when you get a really good break enjoy the adrenalin rush that comes with it. There is no better feeling. You don't have to be Ronnie O'Sullivan to enjoy the game - so chalk your cues and good luck to you both!

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